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It’s remarkable how a little extra space can transform a lifestyle, particularly when another child arrives. Working out how to get the most out of your home can help everyday life flow more smoothly. Maximising space, light, privacy and efficiency is vital, as is smart placement of a stairwell, and, of course, extra storage. A clever, elegant alteration will reap immediate and long-term rewards.


Hands-on approach: Edifice is a small practice, which means we can enjoy paying your site personal attention. We really love what we do: it’s great to see how a home – and lifestyle – can be enhanced.

Individual understanding: We don’t look at one-size-fits-all options. All homes are different, each family’s needs are different, and there are many design paths to take. We take the one that incorporates the owners’ taste and makes the most of your site.

Small-space specialists: we’ve worked with many families to make the most of what they’ve got – usually, it’s pretty great to realise how much you can do.

Smart planning: we can help explore whether it’s better to do an upper storey or a back addition.

Maximising storage: we understand too well the joy of a well-placed extra closet.

Budget-conscious: we are mindful of designing to work with your budget.

Long-term perspective: we can help think about what your family’s future needs will be, and how to shape your alteration plans accordingly.



“We planned to knock down some walls and make the back of our Californian-bungalow semi open-plan, like our neighbours’ – it seemed like the automatic thing everyone does with a semi. But once Michael and his team had come through, it made sense to maintain some of the integrity of the original main loungeroom with its lovely ceiling, while still having a separate family space out the back overlooking the garden. It’s been great – it’s meant we have three separate spaces rather than one large one, which is already useful for cordoning off ‘exuberant’ play areas, and later will be great for accommodating overseas visitors. It’s amazing how often I walk through our house and think, thank god Michael made me think this through a bit more deeply than we had been!”
– Sally Murray – Randwick


Alterations and additions – projects

– Art deco house Dover Heights
– Coogee corner house upper storey
– Opening up a Paddington terrace
– Opening up a workers cottage Pyrmont
– Terrace courtyard Erskineville
– Attic conversion Kingsford Bungalow
– Modern to classic transformation Lurline Bay