Clerestory windows light up Coogee upper storey

The objective of this upper storey was to maximise the potential of the site to generate larger, sunnier and naturally ventilated spaces as well as providing improved access to amenities and outdoor areas.

This modest addition has improved the energy efficiency and day lighting of the house, rationalised the movement internally and around the site whilst moderating the impact to the majority of the surrounding neighbours.

The geometric proportions of the upper floor addition and altered front facade has enhanced its existing street appearance and complements its neighbours.


Alterations and additions as follows:

  • A second storey addition has been added to the existing footprint of the main house with the exception of part of the existing rear kitchen and laundry which remain single storey. All side, rear and front setbacks have remained unchanged with the exception of a feature, open style front balcony.
  • A new front pathway and enclosure over the front entry has redefined the main entrance from the street.
  • The ground floor alterations include the adaption of one of the rear bedrooms into a new internal stair and hall. This room is also opened up and gives access to the rear garden to improve the indoor/outdoor relationship.
  • The upper storey is in light-weight construction and incorporates a new master bedroom with ensuite and walk-in wardrobe, bedrooms two and three, a new bathroom, hall and family room. Both the master bedroom and family rooms take advantage of views to the water.
  • The new roof over the upper floor addition is simply pitched at different heights to allow for northern high level windows into the living space with the ridge running east to west.

Design Guidelines

The design responds to streetscape, topography, local context, building character and client brief.

  • The upper storey addition improves the amenity of the existing house for a growing family and corrects the previous underdevelopment of the site under the present planning regulations. Nevertheless, the resulting building envelope will also respond to the streetscape and the context of the proposal.
  • The upper floor addition is kept within the existing ground floor footprint to reduce overall bulk and additional overshadowing to neighbouring properties.
  • The simple pitched roofs running in the east west direction reduce overall bulk and scale to the side boundaries and reduces the impact of overshadowing to neighbours.
  • The split ridge height provides visual interest to the building’s street elevation and allows northern sun to enter into the top living area via high level windows.
  • The pitched roof geometry is in keeping with the pitched roof forms of existing houses in the street.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency has been considered as follows:

  • There is increased cross ventilation via voids and additional windows and doors to the ground and upper floor addition.
  • There is increased solar access via additional windows/doors, high level windows, voids and open planning to the ground floor and the upper floor addition.
  • There is a reduced reliance on artificial light through the addition of windows and doors to the ground, voids and upper floor addition.
  • The front balcony and eave overhangs generally provide greater control of summer sun and provide improved weather protection.
  • High level roof windows along the northern elevation provide solar access to the building’s central core and filtered light from the void to the ground floor spaces.

Upper storey extension: master bedroom with ensuite and walk-in wardrobe, bedrooms 2 and 3, ensuite, bathroom, hall and living room
Coldstream Street
South Coogee
Randwick Council Jurisdiction

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