Maroubra rooftops

This project was about maximising the potential of the site to generate larger, sunnier and naturally ventilated bedrooms and living spaces as well as better access to amenities and outdoor areas.

In addition to a front entry and kitchen voids with skylights, the ground floor was completely replanned and redesigned resulting in a new: living room, dining room, bedroom, laundry, kitchen, deck, patio, outdoor entertainment spaces and a new upper storey of: four bedrooms, living room, bathroom, ensuite and with a tiled skillion and gable roof.

With only the ground floor outer wall remaining of the original building, the resulting dwelling benefits from the space of an upper story that is set within the footprint of the existing house.

The design responds to streetscape, topography, local context, building character and client brief as follows:

  • The upper storey addition is a solution to improve the amenities of the house for a growing family. However, the building envelope containing the upper floor addition is also a response to the streetscape and the context of the proposal.
  • The upper floor addition is kept within the existing ground floor footprint to reduce overall bulk and additional overshadowing to neighbouring properties.
  • The combination of simple skillion roofs and gables also lowers overall bulk whilst providing articulation to the facades.
  • The roof forms are in keeping with the geometric forms of the existing house and street. The recessed portions and material changes of the new upper floor walls create added visual interest.
  • The position of the new living, dining, kitchen and void over entry improves the flow of spaces internally and externally and allows for natural light penetration and ventilation.
  • Articulation to the front improves accessibility into the main house and overall appearance of the house to the street frontage.
  • An extra void over the kitchen and additional highlight windows also increase light and sun to the existing ground floor and new upper addition.
  • Deep eaves overhang of the new roofs also help with both sun and weather protection.
  • Increased natural ventilation is provided via the open planning of the ground floor, addition of voids and the provision of at least two window openings to new bedrooms.

Energy efficiency through:

  • Increased cross ventilation via voids and additional windows and doors to the ground and upper floor addition.
  • At least two windows in each bedroom also providing additional cross ventilation.
  • Increased solar access via additional windows, voids and open planning to the ground floor and family area of the upper addition.
  • Reduction of artificial light through additional windows and doors to the ground and upper floor addition.
  • Pergola and sun hoods over new rear deck and front patio for sun and weather protection.
  • Highlight windows to stairwell and void over entry to provide a light well to the internal entertainment spaces.
  • Deep roof eaves for added sun protection in summer.
  • Maximum rated insulation is provided to all new external walls and within the new roof structures.
  • See also BASIX commitments for energy and water saving measures.

This renovation:

  • Improves the energy efficiency and day lighting of the house.
  • Rationalises the movement internally and around the site, whilst moderating the impact to the majority of the surrounding neighbours.
  • Provides additional onsite parking by the extended garage.
  • Improves its street appearance with the geometric proportions of the upper addition and altered entry.

    Ground floor: living room, dining room, bedroom, laundry, WC, kitchen, deck, patio, outdoor entertainment spaces, pathway and entry gate
    Upper storey: 4 x bedrooms, living room, bathroom, ensuite, tiled skillion and gable roofs
    Tyrwhitt Street Maroubra
    Randwick Council Jurisdiction

    Photographer: David Curzon



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