Modest exterior expansive interior Maroubra addition

What was once an old rear laundry is now a bright and airy contemporary living space. Newly arranged are: kitchen, living, dining, two bedrooms with another bedroom added, a laundry and amenities. All with an improved indoor/outdoor relationship, it sits within a small block utilising every opportunity to make it look and feel spacious. Ceilings are raked, skylights are strategically placed, high-level windows reach the summit of the gabled ended roof and large sliding doors open to an entertainment setting with leafy backdrop.

Remaining as a single storey development this minimal footprint extension has improved the energy efficiency through cross ventilation, optimal use of day light and maximum rated insulation while rationalising the movement internally and around the site. The extension matches the geometric proportions of the existing development and is set back from the street having little impact on the streetscape and its surrounding neighbours with no issues of overshadowing, privacy or view loss.

Rearranged: living and dining, kitchen, laundry,  2 x existing bedrooms + 1 x new bedroom,
Single unit of a single storey strata development consisting of three units
Loch Maree Street, Maroubra
Maroubra, Randwick Council jurisdiction

Photographer: Estefania Turner

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