Family townhouses Fairfield

An important consideration for this project was that the mix of townhouses reflected the needs of large extended families in the area. The number of three bedroom townhouses were therefore maximised and given large courtyard outdoor areas, and access to secondary car spaces.

Villas were also deemed important for the senior resident or extended family members.

The result is:

Relatively large townhouses – with access to usable sunny outdoor spaces.

A contemporary look with a family feel – use of modern facebrick material and colours with traditional,  domestic scaled roof forms and entrances

Cost effective solution – the architectural solutions were achieved through simple construction techniques and modestly priced materials and finishes.



Residential multi-unit
6 townhouses – 4 X 3-bedroom & 2 X 2-bedroom; 2 villas – 2 x 2-bedroom
48-49 Railway Parade, Fairfield
Fairfield Council jurisdiction

Photography: peterendersbeephotography



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