Architecturally designed semi-detached houses

At Edifice, we’ve worked with all standard semi-detached house layouts – but we also know there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all-design. There are many design paths to take – it’s a matter of incorporating your personal taste and lifestyle while maximising your home’s space, light, privacy and efficiency. Edifice will work with you to create the elegant solution that not only makes everyday living more efficient, but more enjoyable.


Experience with semi-detached houses: we know how to tackle the special design challenges of semis and how to work with neighbours and council. We also really enjoy the process – it’s interesting and rewarding.

View from the street: when it comes to building up, we know what works (and what won’t) – and we ensure solutions to the “lopsided facade” issue.

Individual understanding: we understand there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all design – there are many design paths to take, and we take the one that incorporates the owners’ taste and makes the most of your site.

Small-space specialists: we’ve worked with many families to make the most of what they’ve got – usually, it’s pretty great to realise how much you can do.

Smart planning: we work with you to find that right stair location

Maximising storage: we understand too well the joy of a well-placed extra closet.

Budget conscious: we are mindful of designing to work with your budget.

Personal experience:  we live in a semi ourselves that we’ve built up we’ve faced the challenges, found the solutions, enjoyed the results.

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