Rina apartment buildings Mascot

The project involved working within a wedged-shape site which required careful planning to maximise the number of units whilst still establishing a generous garden setting. Some of the ways this was achieved and the resulting features were:

Central courtyard – three angular buildings which responded to the boundary edges and minimised building intrusion into the middle of the site where a garden courtyard was planned

Northern facades – all three buildings had a feature northern facade which either addressed the main street or courtyard providing sunlight and views to each unit

Viewable all angles – all other facades responded to their open boundaries with similar architectural treatment meaning that the project could be viewed from all angles

Green corridors – as well as the central courtyard, other smaller courtyards were distributed around the site together with a network of meandering pathways creating green corridor access to ground floor apartments

Multi-unit residential development
3 x 8 storey towers containing a total of 152 units including 2 levels of basement carpark, 6 X 3-bedroom, 110 X 2-bedroom, 36 X 1-bedroom
3-9 Church Avenue, Mascot
Botany Council jurisdiction including SEPP 65

Photography:  peterendersbeephotography


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