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Complying development architectural services

When no council approval is needed

Your smaller project may not need council approval if it falls under ‘complying development‘ State Government legislation.

For these projects, we work with you to prepare your designs to see if they may meet complying development criteria and prepare them for an approved certifier. Once they are signed off by the certifier they can be fast-tracked through the approval process without requiring council approval which significantly reduces costs and time.

This may apply to your project if you have a straight forward one or two storey home and you require a small development such as:

  • a new dwelling
  • a dual occupancy
  • an extension
  • an alteration
  • a granny flat
  • a garage
  • a carport
  • a deck
  • a swimming pool

Benefits of a complying development design:

  • faster because of reduced time through council
  • significant cost reduction
  • ability to move forward with confidence

Relevant codes: 

  • State Environmental Planning Policy (Exempt and Complying Development Codes) 2008
  • Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000

Bronte Beach duplex with spacious attics - street view at dusk


Bronte Beach duplex with spacious attics

These duplex houses each has a lane-way access garage, separate from the main house, with an attic studio on top. Each of the main dwellings also has a large attic.

This was an unusual two stage approval process:

1. A Complying Development approval allowed the construction of the two semis with garage including its studio on top
2. A subsequent Development Application approved a large roof attic over each of the main dwellings.

Two new luxury duplex houses, each with: 2 levels plus an attic, 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and a garage with attic studio
Read Street, Bronte
Complying Development plus Development Application approval
Waverley Council jurisdiction

Photographer: Andrew Sheppard

Chifley connections with garden and light - garden looking in


Chifley connections with garden and light

An alteration and addition to rebuild, extend, lower down and open up the existing living areas to the rear of the house. Also included:

  • A new ensuite to the existing master bedroom
  • A new main bathroom and laundry with guest powder room
  • A new rear deck
  • A new utility/study room
  • All whilst maintaining 3 bedrooms

All achieved designed around complying development code — which gave certainty to the design, speed of delivery and a reduction of authority fees.

Complying Development
Alteration & addition
Franklin Street
Chifley NSW 2036
Randwick Council jurisdiction

Photographer: Estefania Turner

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